All? Everything…

So in a conversation about relationships, I was asked, “What do you want in a person or relationship ?” My answer….. “I want it all” Why would I want any less?

I love that the person asking was truthful in saying how hard that would be. In fact it took a full day to get the reaction. Lol

Is that asking too much?

It probably is, but if your gonna do something, go for it all.

Just my take… my opinion… my decision…

However what do you think? Would you want someone’s all? Would you be content to only be a small insignificant in the person you adores life?



5 thoughts on “All? Everything…

  1. Inky blots says:

    Your parameters appear to leave only 2 answers where I believe love can be shared in many shades of grey to brilliant white projecting to all deemed worth loving loved. Commitment comes in many facets as well, so pigeon holing a relationship to a specific standard du jour may not work.

    My opinion is what really matters is if love flows unconditionally regardless if a label is placed on as “All of it”.

    If one gives All of ones love that would requires less or none for any other person, being or thing. Unless one breaks out the differences of love like a secrete love then one could separate and be then challenged on the commitment of said secrete love.

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