Once Again

So life is a series of beginnings and endings.. at least it is for me.

Today finds me weak and tired… Like I’ve been beat up and put through the ringer.

A stage of the Scorpio ♏️

I’m just going to need a little time.

It’s funny how no matter the age, there’s always something new.. A learning experience.

Looking back on the last few months, I should have seen the signs. What do they say? Hindsight is 20/20… it sure is…

Remember, my people.. No one has the right to make you feel like less. Hold your head high and know the Universe has your back.

Here’s to rising ✌️


I never thought

I never thought I’d be so easily forgot…

And the one I loved I lost
I never thought I’d be so easily forgot
And all these questions came running back down
And I never really felt that lost



Go ahead

Be like that

Some lyrics;

I might be better on my own
I hate you blowing up my phone
I wish I never met yo’ ass
Sometimes it be like that
But I’m not myself the nights you’re gone
There ain’t no way I’m moving on
I’m not afraid to need you bad
Sometimes it be like that

My Friday song…😁



In the feels

Is it true?

You’re never more alive than when you’re in your teens?

A night seems alone seems like an eternity.

I do remember some feeling being so strong and sometimes overwhelming. However, I’m not so sure I’m any different now.

I heard this song today… feelings… just from the voice.. because I knew who was singing.. memories…. the universe speaks.. but why?



Rejuvenate in nature

I always feel rejuvenated when I get to spend some time in the mountains. Brace yourself I took a few… ok, a lot of pictures…

I went to the city in the clouds.. also known as Cloudcroft NM.

I took my little rv to a place called Cool Pines.. the park was set in…. you guessed it… pine trees! Yes, it was nice and cool too. There was no WiFi and that’s ok by me… but truthfully there wasn’t anything special about this little rv park. We were parked in space 11, yeah my favorite number, however, the guy on his little cart parked us a bit too far up then was all yeah, maybe that’s too far up. Ya think? Then as he was leaving tells the guy behind us, who I had already waved at, and he had waved back, burying his nose back into his phone, she’s got dogs…. he responded with, I got your number… irritated… that was me.

So I set up, all the while ignoring my not so kind neighbor. Who by the way had a huge older dog himself.

Ok…. shake it off and just enjoy… which I did. I drove into town for a couple things.. and I walked into the Kings treasure, it’s a thrift store in Cloudcroft. This book caught my attention and so of course I bought it. Glad I did. I read it in its entirety before coming home. It had been awhile since I got so into a book. Something else had been my focus. That is done and gone.

The Language of Flowers

The RV always gets a bit of attention. Even in these days of social distancing. A very sweet couple from Austin Tx stopped by as they were out walking their pup. We talked about their rig and mine. They said they will be checking out the place mine came from since it was the city they were from. Lol. When I told them I had planned on a hike to a waterfall, they promptly told me, Oh no we are not hikers 😂.

I spent the evening on my love seat, outside, under the pines with my trusty companions. Oh, and I picked up a cute little bottle this lady in town told me was good stuff.

Kinky Pink!

Reading… just enjoying the quiet and coolness of the day.

I almost forgot about the parade… every evening a bunch of turkeys would go by. Cuteness!

The next day was the hike. It was a beautiful place.

The top of the waterfall was just as beautiful…

Water everywhere
Water coming out of the mountain.

The flowers were beautiful as well as everywhere!

On the way back to camp, I stopped at a little place that had some amazing veggie hoagies.. ahh dinner and a book.. who could ask for more.

Little Peepers

After a couple of cool evenings it was time to go back to reality.

Nothing like a little cider 😋

This is the cutest place. Fresh fruit, jams, ciders and lots of other homemade goodies.

It was a wonderful time…

I hope you are happy.. enjoying each and every minute of life.



Music? It was the breeze in the trees.

This fire

This fire within…

I’m told I’m so zen… doesn’t make me blind or ignorant…

The past has forged this metal… like a Phoenix I rise… again… and again… even you couldn’t break me..

Peace comes from within… as does love..

You take me for a fool (fool), that doesn’t make me foolish
Told me I was wrong (wrong), passion made you ruthless
Manipulate, it’s just too late
Oh lord! ‘Cause I ain’t going back no more
Your fueling of the flames gonna show you what I’m made of



This night

The last few months have been tumultuous.

The new job has been a disappointment as have a few other aspects of life.

Petty are my problems… compared to those of many others.

Tonight was a fresh breath of air.

This song….. late at night… cruising around the river. Thinking of the special ones in my life.

A grateful, full heart..

The Universe knows exactly what I need….

Peace, love, and so many blessings


It’s good day to be, a good day for me, a good day to see my favorite colors
My sisters and my brothers, they see them like no other
All my favorite colors

All? Everything…

So in a conversation about relationships, I was asked, “What do you want in a person or relationship ?” My answer….. “I want it all” Why would I want any less?

I love that the person asking was truthful in saying how hard that would be. In fact it took a full day to get the reaction. Lol

Is that asking too much?

It probably is, but if your gonna do something, go for it all.

Just my take… my opinion… my decision…

However what do you think? Would you want someone’s all? Would you be content to only be a small insignificant in the person you adores life?