Please don’t…

Please don’t let me down…

Too late!

This song…. it’s the shiz… a fellow blogger, amazing writer and very nice man turned me on to this singer and today this song came up on the play list… can’t stop, won’t stop lol…. take a listen.



Way less…

Sunshine and outdoor activities make for a beautiful life.

Morning hikes

Isn’t it amazing how just being outside can make life so much better?

Way less sad now…

Get outside and enjoy those rays!




This is a weird way to start the weekend.. however let the universe speak right?

This song was sent to me by someone close and I guess it’s just the thing..

love is a smoke raised with the fumes of sighs” WS

Who’s gonna argue with the Prince anyway 😁…

✌️ 🖤


Parting ways

Parting ways…

With 2020…. heh, you were thinking?

But yeah let’s take on 2021 and make it count.

Only the real and meaningful …

Peace, health and many, many blessings to all.

Let us not forget love… the greatest is love



It’s funny how some people are just light.

Isn’t it though?

These people walk into a room and its instantly lit up. The day is brighter and you just know its gonna be interesting. They are who they are no excuses no façades. Real… kind… one face…. live in the now… happy ass peeps!… ok… I just adore them. Soooo my kind of people..

I’m lucky to have met a few lately.. a new tribe…

Life is good.. love is better..