All? Everything…

So in a conversation about relationships, I was asked, “What do you want in a person or relationship ?” My answer….. “I want it all” Why would I want any less?

I love that the person asking was truthful in saying how hard that would be. In fact it took a full day to get the reaction. Lol

Is that asking too much?

It probably is, but if your gonna do something, go for it all.

Just my take… my opinion… my decision…

However what do you think? Would you want someone’s all? Would you be content to only be a small insignificant in the person you adores life?




¿Que es eso?

Is it like a jackalope? Shoot, come over and we can go look for some..

In all seriousness though… this song, this voice.. made my heart ache…

A shrike!

For? Listen and you will know

Much ✌️&❤️


Que Será

Yes, it sure will…… be..

It would be amazing if we could just see a glimpse of the future. Some can… but, I guess it would take some of the fun out of it.

Naw, I wanna see! 😆


Love, peace & health,


In closing

Be free and feel loved…

These are words I just used in the closing of a message. They are words that after writing them made me sit back and take in another aha moment…

A few powerful words, with meaning in so many directions.

Life is ironic.. but what an amazing path. Expect the unexpected.. right?

So……. be free and feel loved…


So it continues

It never ceases to amaze me, how the Universe continuously speaks to us. If we but listen.

You always hear the little cliches about life and learning and karma. Like…

If you don’t get what you ask for, it may be because something better is in store.

Life is an amazing adventure.. a beautiful, amazing adventure. To be savored and lived to its fullest. No regrets here..

A song? Music? Not today… go out, make your own song today. No matter what you sing I know it will be amazing.. because you are amazing.

So many blessings, love and peace…


They said

She said, “Why don’t we talk about our best kiss?”

He says, “ Maybe that hasn’t happened yet”…

Aye Papi! 😎

Let’s get this weekend started! 😉