Not today

No good morning texts

No pumpkin spice for my coffee

No person to fix what he was supposed to

Someone strung my weed eater backwards

Passive aggressive?

Mosquito the only love bite on my shoulder

Not today!

I got this

In Sias words

I got drinks to drink, and men to hold
I got good things to do with my life, yeah
Oh, I wanna dance in the open breeze
Feel the wind in my hair, hear the ocean sing
I got good things to feel in my life, yeah




Lunch at Devils Hall

What a beautiful day! Perfect weather…

I have completed 2 of these trails. So 2 to go!

Today’s trail was Devil’s Hall.

It’s starts out pretty nice a little elevation but nothing really strenuous.

Still lots of pretty wildflowers out. 💕

This is where the fun begins!

You just follow the wash all the way. Lots of rocks and big boulders.

It was a really great day.

Ever feel like you’re being watched? 😆

She was having lunch too..


Back to the local trail for now.

Wheeler peak is calling… 😎




Because I still wake up every morning and first thing I want to do is see your face..

Aw The daughter and I watched P.S. I love you. Again… She says you know mom, I heard Gerard Butler is quite the whore… lol I said if I looked like him I would be too! As a matter of fact if I looked like him I would wake up every morning and Thank God for me! To which we both about died laughing. No, we weren’t drinking.

It had been a long time since we had seen it and it was like watching it for the first time.

There are only a couple of men I really love watching on screen and this is one. If you know me you will know the other. 🧜‍♂️

Hilary Swank is one of my favorite actresses though, and I love her dresses in the movie.

kissing her would be the end of life as I knew it. 💕 his truth.

Funny how all romance or romantic stories seem to be such fantasy.

This is another with letters!

Not long ago someone told me it’s all just a game.

Of course he was angry and inebriated. But for some reason it has stayed on my mind.

What am I getting at?

None of us leave this world alive..

If we meet it will be the end of life as we know it.


P.S. Guess what?

Days like today

I miss her

It’s a beautiful cloudy, rainy day.

I’ve gone for a good workout and cleaned and cleaned.

Trying to stay busy.

Wherever you are my friend, know how I miss our daily talks.

We held each other up.

I still hear your kind words and the way you always had my back.

Write about it you would say. Get it out. You deserve so much better.

You did too.




Yes, romance

Is it still around?

Ok, so I’ve been reading or rereading some old books and watching movies that I guess I shouldn’t be.

Letters written of feelings and men pledging themselves…… Swoon….

Where is my Mr Darcy?

Obviously fantasy.

what do people do now? Emails and texts?

Hmm not exactly the same.

Instant gratification and played out within a few months.

Especially when it’s just a game to most.

Well, no matter. You know my take on unicorns. I’m a believer of magic.

The heart does more than pump blood.

It soars… it makes one bulletproof, breathless, and care free.

Wait, that could be tequila… Noooo…., that’s a story for another day… blush

I left myself speechless just now 😆



Current mood

Started with heartache

Then thought why?

Where’s it all headed?

Sooooo…. as usual took to the trail alone and this came on

The universe has me!

Favorite lines

I know that it’s hard but you have to try
If you need advice, let me simplify
If he don’t love you anymore
Just walk your fine ass out the door

I do my hair toss
Check my nails
Baby how you feelin’?
Feeling good as hell!




If I had a dime every time that you crossed my mind
Well I’d basically be sitting on a big ass pile of dimes
And all the times that you make my heart feel cheap I might as well have won the lottery
All of this pain and me cursing your name would just turn into dollar signs

Ha!! Such lyrics! Love them… 🤷‍♀️

Have a great start to your week!



Rainy days

Rainy days are great for old movies and pumpkin spice coffee… ok some wasabi peas as well…

Eat, Pray, Love? Nooooo… lol Although I really like the get up and leave it all to find yourself concept. It keeps coming up as something I should watch… 🤔

Last Chance Harvey with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.

Not a couple of young kids but a mature couple that meet by chance and end up taking a chance. If you want to know more you’ll have to watch it… hello

It was so sweet and hopeful. Lasted as long as the rain did. Perfect timing.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along…” — Rumi

Did I say hopeful?

Much love and peace