Baby I’m worth it…

We can have everything…

This song just makes…..

Everything ….

Dance with me?…..

In the kitchen of course

Stay inside! Dance… love.. be healthy and safe



In pieces


Tired.. like never before


In pieces..

This too shall pass… won’t it?

I’m all I have…

This too shall pass… it will



Right? Right

Is this a dream?


The world has changed.

As always the universe speaks

No time like now to love and love fiercely.

Would you love me for the hell of it?
All our fears would be irrelevant

If the world was ending, you’d come over, right?


So much peace and love


Lay with me?

Ahh these lyrics… just some highlights….

If you had one song left inside your soul
What would you sing tonight?
If you had one chance left before we’re old
The last song of your life
What is it you wait for?
Tell me who you are
Not what you’ve rehearsed
All the other parts

When you’re authentic, you’re incredible
I like the view behind your eyes
There was no one else who could break it down
And cut right through to the heart
I just wanna lie
Underneath this tree
While you whisper secrets
On a melody

If this is the last song of your life
Then I’m inviting you to get it right



The quiet

The quiet is beautiful..

When you choose it’s solitude.

When it lasts longer than it’s intended time, it’s weight can be suffocating.

Inside looking out

Why are they oblivious?

Is it so?