Neither do I

I don’t want to be a one man band..

Of course it’s about a song! Also about what it means, to me anyway. Every time I hear it, it makes me long for that kind of connection.

You know the real, just hang out together have the same likes and easy relationship.

Have a listen…



Carrying on…

Happy Friday!

Happiness is getting outdoors and enjoying new friends… at least this weekend it is 😆

And if love starts giving me lemons
Just mix ’em in my drink
And if the whole wide world stops singing
And all the stars go dark
I’ll keep the light on in my soul
And keep a bluebird in my heart




Or do they?

Everything beautiful is ruined eventually… my thoughts on this are maybe, not that my opinion is if any importance… well maybe it is, since this is my blog 😆. I think It can be ruined if people are on different pages. Or if they forget to read each other’s pages.

Some connections are not that easy to sever… if they are true that is…I think there really is that one connection, that one red string of fate.

The Universe is always sending us messages. We’ve all but to listen..

Love is the desire we have to find our other half, in order to become whole, then again Plato also said Love is a serious “mental” disease… I agree, maybe a little pain in the interim is the price we pay. I sure hope so anyway. Plato’s ultimate goal….happiness. I’m with him!




Miscommunications even…

I meant something in jest…

It came out as me being a fool..

Now it’s all changed..

Not for the best..

I took the prior as a lesson… are you trying to teach me a lesson here? Do you care so much that you want me to take some action? 🤣. I’m such a fool… only because I overthink and over hope.. insert eye roll here… I couldn’t even put it into words after, there was so much emotion and embarrassment.

It shouldn’t be this difficult anyway….

Happiness, health, peace,joy, but mostly Love, to you all…


Room in his arms?

Somewhere, he sings to me.

You see, if you sing to her, no matter your voice. It’s the vulnerability and truth you convey.

There’s so little of either in this world

Such goodness

Ahh Mr Bridges you know the words 🎶

She says nobody wants her,
But left along
She said nobody needs her
Girl, you are
Well, if you see her
Tell her there is room for her
In my arms, in my arms
You don’t have to go, you should know
(I know, I know)
I’ll be there for you, when you’re alone
(I do, I do)
To comfort you
Oh, baby please come where it’s warm
In my arms, in my arms

Ain’t that some stuff! 😉



I think I lost it

But then again did I ever have it?

Your excuses not needed..

Ok so a few of the lyrics, as usual.

Everything’s paid for nothing free
If I give my heart
Will you promise not to break it
I think I lost it
Let me know if you come across it
Let me know if I let it fall
Along a back road somewhere

I just wanna live the life I please
I don’t want no enemies
I don’t want nothing if I have to fake it
Never take nothing don’t belong to me

Listen to it it’s kinda bad ass..

Moving on….



I wanna know

Do you remember meeting someone new and just connecting.

Talking all day, into the night.. til morning.

Then it gets real and the music kicks in.


It’s always there to remind you, transport you, soothe you.

To connect you with the right souls.