Deep waters

And I’ve spent most of my life deep down inside myself
I’ve dreamt about the possibility of someone else
Who could see the things I’ve seen and steal away with me
Into the darkness we could fade because we know ourselves
Starting the week with hope and a song.
Many blessings


It’s a curse I tell you!

These are words out of my dear brothers mouth.

He’s a retired, widower. Who seems to have a way with the ladies. He’s quite the character.

He gets going about 5am every morning. He has to go check the wildlife! This is what he calls the ladies he sees on his morning walks at “The Walmart” or Lowe’s. 😂 yeah he’s incorrigible. He dresses nice too, “gotta give em something to look at, you know?” Then he wonders why he’s cursed. Lol. My father and other brother had the same curse. 🤔 Must run in the family.

Gifts! He’s so happy to buy me gifts too. Just today I walked in after a nice day of working at the property and he says all proud of himself, I bought you your Christmas present! I was thinking uh oh, ok . He says look under my coat, which is hanging on a hook by the door. Yeah just what I thought a nice pecan picker 😂. I said only one? He looks at me with his head tilted sideways and says huh? I say I need two so you can get out there and help me.. he’s all no way! I’m retired, I’m not going out there, it’s cold! 😂. He’s a brat. Such a brat.

Now this move of mine could not have happened this soon if it wasn’t for him. His home is my home. Just like mine will be his. Actually we kid all the time about who will end up taking care of who. We all know I’m gonna end up taking care of him. I mean he’s twelve years older than me and it’s inevitable. Unless there’s a car out there that has a bumper with my name on it lol. (Dark humor, cmon) . We are the only two left in our family so we know loss. Laugh or cry, you know…

It’s funny how it’s been so easy. Yeah we grew up together sort of. He was one of my hero’s growing up and it seems he just continues on. He’s kind, generous, and genuine.

I’m so very lucky to have him in my life and I can only hope I’m just like him when I grow up 😂.

Much love

Raq 💕

Seeking life

Through the eyes of those before..

30. The Beloved is all, the lover but a veil;

the Beloved is living, the lover a dead thing.

When Love has no care for him, he is left

as a bird without wings. Alas for him then!

How could I have consciousness of anything before or behind

when the light of my Beloved is not before me and behind?

Love wills that this Word be shown forth;

if the mirror does not reflect, how is that?

Do you know why the mirror of your soul reflects nothing?

Because the rust is not cleared from its face.

-Mathnawí Book 1, 30-34

Raq 💕✌️

My healing journey

I would be remiss if I didn’t share this aspect of my life.

Recent happenings have brought to my attention that I haven’t actually posted this.

Brace yourself, this could take a bit. I’m passionate about this stuff. I’ve lived it you know.

🤔 I can go way back but let’s not.

I was sick and getting sicker. My doctors were cool about giving me meds for anything and everything. Then proudly saying I don’t know what could be causing this.

The change came when my migraines got worse and the mere touch of my temples sent me reeling. I remember one day the pain being so bad in my head I didn’t know what to do, sit? Stand? Bang my head on the wall? I was so scared. I also had a couple of lumps. In the places women do not want them. Breast and underarm.

For the headaches I was given stronger meds that dissolve under the tongue and the lumps well you know how that goes. Tests and maybe cut them out or watch them. I was even offered anti depressants. They help with pain did you know this?

I’m a freaking ray of sunshine most of the time in case you didn’t know. Lol. I was not into that.

Well, all I could think was I’m not into drugs and I’m not going down this route. I asked the drs how this happened and how to stop it. They had no clue. Said maybe it was due to my age and that I needed to lose weight. Jerks 😆 No real fix though.

So the heck with that! I began a search into healing. Saw the Joe Cross documentary, Fat, Sick and nearly dead. The next day went and bought a juicer and juiced for 25 days straight. That’s right no food passed these lips. Juice that I made myself from fresh organic fruits and vegetables only. Killer right? The first three days were the most miserable days of my life. I wanted to die on the 3rd. But on the fourth day? It was like the heavens opened and let the true light shine on my darkened soul. I could see hear and just think more clearly. Like this thick fog had just cleared. This was just the beginning.

So yeah, there are stages of healing when you do a liquid fast. So I knew if I messed up I would have to start all over. No way was I going to restart. Talk about motivation. The hunger actually went away after a couple days and it was a great healing experience. I stopped all my meds. Now I did this on my own and no I’m not telling anyone to do this. Talk to your drs. I on the other hand was done talking. So yeah, I stopped them all and to this day haven’t taken any again. Five years now baby.✌️

I lost a few pounds too, boo ya drs! Yeah I need to still lose more. I’m not dissing doctors, they just have a place. When I broke my wrist, they fixed me right up. I have no reason to see them otherwise. I mean even their tests are toxic. So I’m good. Did you know doctors have very little training in nutrition?

I guess I should straighten out the fact that the food doesn’t actually heal you. But giving your body the right fuel helps it to heal itself. Think of a vehicle. Would you put water in a tank and expect it to run? But look what you put in your body. We are over fed and under nourished.

I read everything I could and watched documentaries as well as YouTube videos about health and it kept leading me to a plant based life.

It’s not easy, the people around you are the worst. It’s like they think you expect them to follow suit or something. I’m not sure why but sometimes, there is anger. They seem to have the need to prove we need meat. Then there’s all the killing animal jokes and needing a burger, haha I’ve never heard that one 🙄

Then there’s the protein question so let’s get it out of the way. We really don’t need as much protein as we are led to believe. There are studies that prove it. I will hook you up to places to get info later on. So you don’t have to take my word for it. I mean take a look at the animals eaten and what they eat. No additional protein needed. Look how large they get. Plants have all the protein we will ever need. Have you ever heard of anyone having a protein deficiency?

Carbs are life!

So as I’m reading and listening I learned a few other things. The Vegan guilt. So much guilt. It’s a stage that I read about but I had already been feeling it. If you don’t want to know why, stop reading now. 🙂 But I was raised on a farm. Animals had a place and a job and were sometimes slaughtered for food. I hunted with my father and brothers. I loved to fish. I was raised by three very outdoorsy men. Guilt. These animals don’t have a choice or a voice. Don’t bother trying to tell me otherwise. This is my path and I’ll live it in peace. I just wish I had known sooner. A person cannot say they love animals and eat meat. It just cannot be. There is no humane way to kill a living being either. Sorry. If you want to see some horror watch Earthlings a documentary.

I will never in my life hurt another living creature. Never. Nor will I pay anyone else to do so.

So with the healing of your body comes the healing of your mind. Which can lead you down some pretty ugly roads. You see yourself and the decisions you’ve made as well as the relationships you’ve had and want or don’t.

I also know what I want for the rest of my life. It’s so very basic for me now. I want to be near the people I love. Have open doors to anyone who needs to hangout and veg. Lol, I kill me. But seriously, there are friends I haven’t seen in quite awhile and by gosh I want to spend quality time with them. So I’m hoping they come stay with me awhile. We are not promised tomorrow are we? New friends too. Mi casa es tu casa. I actually mean it. I tell everyone if you want to start this way of life or juice and want help, I’m here. I will juice with you even.

I will live a life that I hope inspires others to live their best life.

I believe in love! My love life is complicated. I want the one. I also want to be the one. I only want what I would give. I don’t understand how someone can say they love you, and not care about your happiness, or consider your feelings when they do something. I’m a romantic fool nothing will cure this 💕

Freedom? I am free for the most part. But only because I have taken my freedom. This may lead to more changes but I’m cool with that.

I go to a gym every morning and have met new people and reunited with people from my past. I have heard so many crazy stories of illnesses and when I tell my story I get the omg she’s crazy look or the I can’t give up meat or cheese! I’m not asking anyone to do anything, but you asked me my deal so there you go. The women are all omg it’s you!? You look great, and some have even said I look better than when we were in school. Damn! I thought I was kinda cute in school! Ok not really, but dang gimme a break. It’s nice to hear, but it’s not about that. It’s that I feel great, have so much energy and you can too. One guy actually checked out a website I told him about and has been plant based a whole week. He feels better and looks great. His motivator is his heart. Doctors have told him he’s very close to a heart attack. You have no idea how he made me feel today, when he told me he checked out the website and has been keeping to it. Rock on lil buddy. I told him soon as my house is ready he’s coming over to hang. He’s all into it and I’m as excited as he is.

My family? Some are veg some aren’t. I have stories! My favorite one is when my grandkids go around telling their friends I’m their plant based Grandma and they are proud of me. Shoot, I’m the cool, fruit eating, bicycling grandma. When we are together and someone asks if I’m their mom, my heart swells when they say all proud no man, that’s my grandma! 🙂

Now I want to give you info and if you’re interested check it out. See for yourself.

I’ve told you about Joe Cross. He’s obviously my hero. So check him out. His documentary is Fat, sick and nearly dead. If you want to juice fast like I did here’s a Link where you can get info, recipes and guided help if you want.

Forks over knives a great website for info and recipes. There’s a link to their documentary on Netflix there. Watch it, it’s really good. They are on Facebook too. The page is amazing and so many uplifting stories to read.

Dr. Micheal Gregor his book How Not to Die is to die for. 😆 ok, humor people! He’s nothing but info. His YouTube channel is the stuff too. He shows all the actual studies here.

Dr. McDougall The fat you eat is the fat you wear, one of his favorite sayings lol. Recipes and knowledge on that site! He has some amazing videos on YouTube as well.

Dr Fuhrman his book Eat to live is great too.

T. Colin Campbell wrote The China Study. Great book and website.

Jason Vale

Love this documentary

If you want to talk or have questions I’m here any time. My email is in the contact info. You have my Twitter and Instagram here as well.

So live your best life now, go veg!

Many blessings


P.S. you may want to see this as well.


In love!

El el amor de la Vida


Let’s spread the love
Let’s make a difference, people
They call me crazy
‘Cause I believe in love
I hear them laughing
Let them have their fun
I still believe in
Oh I believe in love
I’ll keep on walking, you know I’m standing tall
Don’t be mistaken, love will conquer all
Oh I believe in
I still believe in
I still believe in love
I still believe that there’s a heaven above
Look in my heart and you will find
I’ll never stop until the day that I die
I still believe in love
I feel it running, running through my blood
So here’s my message: Don’t give up on love
Oh I believe in
I still believe in
I still believe in love
I still believe that there’s a heaven above
Look in my heart and you will find
I’ll never stop until the day that I die
I still believe in love
I still believe in love
I still believe in love
Eres tu?
Raq ✌️💕

A year

This Vida loca…

A year ago a different waiting game

The things I put into motion last year are well under way.

Job? No longer.

Move? Done.

House? In the works.

There have been a few glitches here and there but for the most part it’s been pretty smooth.

It’s hard to believe how close to fruition it’s becoming.

Once a person is awakened there’s no stopping them.

Ya just gotta be the fool, and take the step to what you’ve been thinking, feeling, wanting.

Crazy as it may sound, whatever it is you want can be yours.

I’m living proof.

Last night just hanging out at the property.

Much love


A Breeze

El viento que le das a mi alma

Makes my heart beat as fast as the wings of a hummingbird.

Te espero mi amor, en tal viento

Hasta el dia que me quieras a mi


Afraid of flying?

I actually sat on a swing and swung today. It was so different than I remembered. But, after a few minutes it was on! Had to see how far up I could swing.

Did I jump? Heck no.

But this lil beauty had no fear of flight and landing.

She’s ahhmazing. Takes after her grandma. Ok, her grandma when she was young. 😆

It’s the little things.

Much love