Hi, social media style

So if you’ve been on social media much you know people tend to reach out. How much they reach out depends on the place.

I don’t mind an interaction or conversation with someone if we’ve had some sort of interaction before. Same likes or talk about a post. This kind of thing.

Instagram tho! I have gotten to where I just ignore all the Hi’s. But today, I was busy and for some reason this one just made me bust out laughing.

I got the regular, Hi…… then later, how are you?…… Then….. Do you speak English? Omg for some reason this struck me as just way too funny. My posts are mostly in English. Way to check out the profile Mr. Suave. Did I respond? Naw. I did think about it though. It would have been too easy.. πŸ˜‚

There seem to be so many fake profiles on there. It’s not even worth the few seconds.

I guess if there’s a day where you just want to play cat and mouse this would be a good place.πŸ˜†

Ok, I just may have to do this sometime. πŸ˜‚

The fake followers are also a thing. I’ve heard many a rant from friends about it. I just figure if they unfollow I’ll unfollow. Problem solved.

How do you handle the fakers?

Hasta luego


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