A Place to remember

I’ve been told lately that I tend to eat at hippie places. I’m not exactly sure what that is but, I do like to try new places.

This is not new to me but, I will definitely miss coming here.

The Vegetarian House near downtown San Jose CA is amazing.

Fresh, organic and delicious food.

This is a BLT with tempeh as the B, and the soup is pumpkin. Yeah, I thought that too at first til I tasted it. Only slightly sweet but so good. The carrot juice is fresh with a little ginger.

Tacos! Can’t go wrong with that!

That last pic is fried coconut ice cream. It’s amazing. 😋

Their windows are all different colors

There should be more places like this.

Environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

If this is eating at hippie places then I’m proud to frequent such conscientious establishments.

Much love 💕


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