A New Beauty

Yes, a new beauty to add to the collection.

She’s by far my favorite.

When I saw this drawing I just knew one day she would have to be one of my tattoos.

I’m a Scorpio, which is a water sign. So a mermaid tattoo was to me, the perfect choice.

I called my favorite artist in California when I knew I would be in the state and he set aside the time to get it done in one sitting.

I’m not gonna lie. There are times when yes, it did hurt. But I knew he was the only one that could get it right. It took the better part of a day and I love her. ๐Ÿ˜†

There were a few people getting their own pieces done or worked on. When they saw her being drawn up they asked what she signified to me. I just said freedom. They looked at me like what? A young man said how can she mean freedom when she’s caught in a net? I said look at her face and they understood. She has the look of I’m bout to bust outta here and havoc will ensue. The ropes are coming apart too, I mean, hello!

To me she’s freedom, caught in the net she let control her for far too long, she’s busting out, her only focus now is happiness. The pearl signifies the moon and again a water element. The meanings of the moon are many but for me it signifies illusion, and to follow my intuition.

Too many times I have believed in others when I know I need to watch the actions taken, not just listen to the words spoken, that little voice inside is always right.

I guess I could have gotten her on my arm. But that just made me think of a sailor or Popeye for some reason. ๐Ÿ˜†

Many thanks to Ariel at Cruz Creations. His attention to detail is like none other. I hope he and his family make it out to NM. They have a home away from home to hang anytime.

I’d love to see some body art that means something special to you. So if you have some drop a pic.

Much love ๐Ÿ’•


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