Loving hands

My hardest goodbye leaving CA.

My aunt is the last of her sisters. She regales to me of the old days and I love listening. I’ve been recording most of our visits since I knew I would be leaving soon and I’ve gotten some amazing stories.

These hands have made many a tortilla, and meal. They were always more than a meal though.

I wish you could have seen us all together laughing, sharing, being laughed at. If you talk to any of them and they tell you something about me. Lies all lies.๐Ÿ˜†

She is the heart of her family and I’ve been lucky to have been included.

I can only hope going home that I can be half the heart of my home that she has been to hers.

This is love like none other.

My heart is heavy leaving her, but I know it’s time.

Hasta luego,


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