The Queens Table

Passing through El Paso TX around lunch time and of course my first thought was the Joy Tree. However it seems to have closed its doors at the end of February. Sadness

Just a few doors down from it is the Queens Table. Totally Vegan restaurant. I’m always down for some vegan eats baby. ✌️

I walked in and it’s a really cute place. Greeted by a lovely Queen who introduced another beautiful Queen.

The menu is pretty extensive. She explained a few things on the menu and left us to decide.

Jambalaya? Hmm ok, and a avocado loaded burger with some onion rings. A couple of black bean mango tacos and a couple Kings punch.

Ok so the burger was killer. Good stuff, a big beyond meat patty and yummy veggies. The onion rings nice and crispy. Half was enough for me! Luckily I shared with my partner and I did taste the jambalaya which was really good. The cornbread too.

The drink was really sweet. But I’m into that and found it really good. It was a hibiscus tea with fruit juice and a mint leaf.

I’m so off my game, man! I took pictures after I had already started eating. Ha! Sorry but if you want to see the actual before I guess you better get over there and order some goodness.

They have a really cute patio and welcomed my dogs with a cute bowl of water and a toy.

So like, I’m not really into the mock meats, but the burger was really good, and you should see the patty.

I’m not even going to tell you we ordered a cup of the bio coffee and a couple of pieces of cake for later. Naw, that’s just a bit much. (Chocolate and red velvet) 😉

The best part of the experience was the customer service and friendly people we met while there.

So if you are in El Paso Texas anytime soon, give this place a try. You can also find them on Facebook if you want to check out their menu.



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