A Songs Lyrics

So yeah I told you about how the remake of A Star Is Born is so good.

The music is just amazing. Yes, I’m still going on about it.

The lyrics to Music to my Eyes are crazy good.

It’s like when you find the one that speaks your language good.

Here’s a couple of the verses…

You’re music to my eyes
I had to listen just to find you
I like for you to let me sing along
Give you a rhythm you feel

Your voice is quite a view
I heard a song and then I saw you
I learned the lyrics and knew you were mine
Dance the horizon with you

Tell me those aren’t some pretty words.

Here’s the song.. Have a listen.


There are quite a few songs on this soundtrack worth listening too.

The movie is so heart wrenching though

Makes you miss that connection with that one special person if you don’t already have it.

Hope you enjoy this one.


Raq 💕

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