Dimming of your light not allowed!

You know even at the age that I am now, I still hold back. Even if I have decided that I will live my life differently than what I have been tamed to do. I hope that I can teach the women in my life that there are really no definite rules. Make them up. Keep the golden rule but, for the most part quit hiding your true personality, passion, and identity. Never dim your light to please anyone.

How can we truly love ourselves when we are living the life someone else has decided for us. If we don’t fully love ourselves do we love others fully? That said, how can the relationships we have be the right ones?

You also find that you won’t compromise. Why should you? We deserve to love and be loved.

Seriously! Don’t bother if there’s a slight hesitation. It’s all or nothing. I only want that which I am willing to give.

Love is everything isn’t it?

I read that if you decide to follow this path you may find that certain relationships may have to change. I now see how this can happen.

Live your authentic life. Be happy.

Much love 💕


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