It’s the journey

My dogs are the best at meeting people.

Yesterday in Buttonwillow CA I was walking the girls and a nice young man offered to help me. He said since I had so many he thought I may need help. I laughed and told him it’s ok they’ve got this. I got to hear his dog and girlfriend story. 💕

We ate at an Indian restaurant and the people we so amazingly sweet. I felt bad I hadn’t eaten there before lol. Taste of India is the place!

I seriously saw this place! Don’t you love that name?!

We passed these date fields in Blythe and I love dates just so you know. I was all, please , please stop. Find me some dates! We stopped and were advised at one place that they don’t sell them here just ship them out. Sadness. But if you go to Indio CA you can buy them. We just passed Indio… At another place the young lady says I know a guy, (sound familiar?) 😳 😆 but it’s dove season so he’s not around. Oh well, next time.

I walked the dogs down an alley there was a homeless man cleaning up his home and he was friendly as can be. He smiled, waved and said good morning. As I kept walking there was a beautifully manicured lawn with about 4 German shepherds and a pug. Their owner was outside with them and as they started to bark at us she snapped her fingers and those shepherds just sat and listed to their mom. The pug came right for us lol and just did as it pleased. I waved at her and she waved back. We know who is spoiled in that house.

How cute is that!? Saw it in AZ.

These are my girls, the larger of the three is Sookie Blu, she’s true blu, my friendly and fearless chocolate companion. In the middle there’s Riddle Cat, she’s the smallest one with a crooked tail. Don’t let her size fool you, she’s tough and she has bouts of times when she can’t control her licker. Oh, and she can climb anything. Then there’s Dazy May, she’s the princess of the bunch. Picky, she May like you, but it’s doubtful. She’s the caretaker of her sisters though.

It was slow going at first due to bad traffic and rerouting. But we are in no hurry and it’s all good. Lots to see, and those who love us are in constant contact. Ahh la vida 💕

Enjoy the journey!

Much love 💕

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