I hope you’re Happy!


Where do you find yours?

As for me, The more I think of it, the more reasons I come up with. As usual, more than the small post I originally planned on. So my list for now, love!!! Remember when you first fell in love? That stupid smile on your face that made your cheeks hurt and you didn’t even realize you were smiling, until someone asked you what the deal was? Ha! Yeah, I knew you would. Hanging with family, an amazing bike ride on a beautiful day. Wildflowers, laughter, a child’s wonder, music, my dogs, any dog, or animal, not having to go to work tomorrow, finding amazing vegan food when you thought there wouldn’t be any. Omg, the list can go on and on…

Always nice to see others happy as well.

Nevertheless, if you’re not happy in this moment, wait another, think of that time you were. There are always three words I lean on in life, and they are, it goes on. Lol

I was sent this picture today, its local and I love sunflowers. It’s sweet when something so amazing reminds someone of you, isn’t it?

Plus this song! I just love it. Yeah it reminds me of someone and I do hope they are happy.

I hope you’re happy!

5 thoughts on “I hope you’re Happy!

  1. Mel Gutiér says:

    I love Blue October! I love this post!!!!! Muuaah!!!

    How about this… I wrote a lot of love scenes to this song. My characters in one of my stories are young and this put me in that mood for young love. It makes me happy to see you are happy beautiful lady!!


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