Absence and that fonder stuff?

So yeah, does absence make the heart grow fonder? Maybe…

I was only gone a week and a half. Seems like it was longer. At least it did when I got home. What a nice surprise.

My partner has actually been at work, getting ready for the big move. The smile on his face is pretty darn cool. So is the mountain of boxes.

I myself thought it wasn’t long enough since there were many things left to do on the property. But, duty called.

Lots to do here in California as well. Going through old belongings and wanting to chuck it all. Lol. Where did this all come from!?

Finding some lost memories is almost worth it.


So yeah, records! Vinyl.. with no player.

Wait! Absence that’s where we were, sorry.. no focus here. Boxes and the great unknown. They seem to have triggered something inside my husband and he is actually ready to get on the move. Where before he wasn’t too sure.

Fonder or surrender? Lol.. I can’t tell. Nevertheless here we go!

This is so damn simple, take care.

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