Flurries of non activity

Booked a plane ticket in the spur of the moment, maybe to flex my new found freedom muscles, to my soon to be new home. I had this plan of getting some work done on a parcel of land. The plans in my head were much easier to pull off than the actual reality of it. As per my usual. Lol

Everyone knows a guy! Seriously I needed some equipment and for days all I heard was call so and so, he knows a guy. Lol. All the guys were busy or had broken equipment!

Now I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t push too hard the first couple days. I found paddle boarding. Maybe I got a little into it too.

I’m thinking it will be a great way to start my days once I get moved.

Back to work, the actual reason for my trip. This is the way my days were going. Call some people wait and call and wait. No work just days passing. Well, just when I started to get a little worried thinking I had wasted my time, things fell into place. The right guy, another guy knew, actually came through! He is such an amazing guy too. This man can work wonders with a backhoe. My hero! Ok a hero for pay but he’s a cool ass dude. He even had a dump truck to get rid of stuff. My trip was redeemed.

Everything has its time.

I had to leave before all the work was completed but, luckily my brother was there as back up. Love that man.

I just realized, I’m a guy (girl) who knows a guy. Oh, and what a guy… Right on… lol

Road trip! Back to my temporary home. Feelings are kind of mixed right now.

Grateful for my family. Grateful for those who are here for me as things change. Grateful for those who don’t find the need to judge. So very grateful for the beauty in nature and it’s comforting stillness.

Many blessings to you and yours 💕

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