Holy hair plucking, Batman!

Happy Monday! First Monday with no actual schedule. Except my husband is also off and wanted to go see Solo, nice and early. 9:55 am to be exact. No matter, the theater was nice and empty. The chairs recline and the popcorn was fresh.

We were a little early and just as I was settling in, the texts began. My ex work wife demands I report to work since there was a problem and I am needed to get back there asap to help out. She was even more perturbed when I let her know where I was. Angry? Yes, I think that would be a better word for it. Then other ex co workers start texting, asking how the first Monday off is? Well frankly, who knows!

Just kidding, it’s kinda nice so far. Woke up when I wanted. I’m at a mall enjoying popcorn and a movie. The movie was actually pretty good.

We walked around the mall and I decided to get my eyebrows threaded while there. However, I thought, I might as well have my whole face done. I am a Latina with that fine light colored hair over my lip and around my jaw. We latinas are a bit hairy, it’s just the way it is. I usually just leave it since the more I’m in the sun the thicker it seems to get. Like a protective layer. It’s not that noticeable, so don’t go thinking full on beard and mustache or anything. Inserting a picture just so you can see what I mean.

I have been riding my bike a bit. So it’s there. I’m about to take a little trip, and thought I’ll just get this done and not have to worry about tweezing.

The place was empty. It’s Monday, how nice no line. I tell the nice young lady I want the whole face done. She directed me to her chair and got right to it. She told  me to hold my hair back and how to turn my head. So, ok it’s not that bad around the eyebrows, but those I tweeze on a regular basis. The Jaw area where it’s a little thicker is a whole different story. The young girl asks,”First time?”  I was thinking what was your first clue? I said um hmm. She just kept going. Then she hits the upper lip… holy hair plucking! That crap hurt! All I could do was laugh. It was either cry or laugh. So laugh it was. I wasn’t about to stop her either. She still had the other half of my face to do. Holy crap, kept coming to mind, as she kept going over the same spot over and over. So did bolting.. lmao.




She finished up, I paid. Yes, I paid for that torture and even though I do love how soft my face feels, I felt a little awkward walking around the mall with the red splotches on my face as above.

Would I do it again? Yeah, probably. It’s fast and after the redness is gone looks pretty good.  I’m sure your pain tolerance is much better than mine. Its about the same as waxing. If you’ve tried threading let me know what your thoughts are on it.

Lunch in the food court, a little shopping and home again.  It was a nice day. Pain and all.

Hope your day was amazing!



One thought on “Holy hair plucking, Batman!

  1. Mel Gutiér says:

    LMAO! You’re adorably funny! I could not stop laughing… “what was your first clue?” LOL!!!

    I loved this post! You are just sunshine wrapped up in a smile! You are!

    Bunch of love and hugs!


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