Last day!

Chronicles of the last day of work:

Came out of the most amazing dream.

A wonderful man in a gray button up shirt was sitting with me on a bench outside. We had been talking about many things and he had said he had two pairs of wireless headphones. He said please just let me do something for you, anything. I said ok then I will take a pair of the headphones. I didn’t really care to have them but whatever. He smiled, we stood up he hugged me and I thought this is worth so much more to me. I just enjoyed the moment. Then we walked to his car, he opened the trunk and handed me a box. That’s where it ended, but, it was a beautiful connection, and a great start to my day.

The next hour or so was a flurry of getting ready for the day. No speaking.. my partner had no words other that angry ones. Which spoiled the whole best day ever mood. I had a little emotional breakdown… yeah not a moment to be proud of.

The commute was a quiet one…

An apology was made and so back on track.. lol I’m good!

Best morning ever!! Seriously nothing will bring me down.

Arrive at work, a coworker already here.. hmm

She had a present and a card all pretty on my desk. So sweet. She’s gonna miss me, lol. She has been my work wife for many years so it’s sad. Emails and fruit and hugs.. so many tears.

So after work, this happened a few times:

Thank God my husband poured me into our vehicle and drove me home. Tequila makes me all emotional. So I was a wreck. Tears and texting with family. If I texted you please don’t take it wrong, I was thinking of you and it was from my heart. I remember it all no worries. So got home, and to bed.

My last day at a job that I will definitely miss. I met so many wonderful people and learned so much. But it’s time for a new chapter .

Here I go!

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