The end of a day at the start of a day.

Today has been a rough day. I’ve lost someone that was dear to me. I hope he knew how much he meant. Looking back in my mind of memories he smiled all the time and was always kind, funny, and smart, he was just an awesome person. I know you hear this about everyone when they pass, but, I seriously don’t remember this man ever being unkind. I only knew him my whole life, and that’s a long time. Lol

Ok so I almost drowned you at Willow lake. Remember my dear Buck (Robert)? I was just a kid and you asked to use my snorkel. The water was maybe waist deep and you put your head under the water and kept kinda swimming around. I was a fool and thought what will happen if I put my finger in the snorkel at the top. Well, hello… You couldn’t breathe! After a few seconds, you stood up all freaked out and your eyes all big, and sucking for air. Omg, the look on your face! Even now, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Good thing it was shallow. No, you didn’t get mad but, it was a story we laughed at for years to come…one of many.

You were ill and I know you are no longer suffering but you will be dearly missed.

Hasta luego manito.

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