What are your intentions?

A year ago my heart put into motion one of the biggest jumps of my life. Have you ever felt that? Your heart just says this is it, and your soul concurs. It just stays there in the back of your mind and you can’t make it stop. I usually just stuff it down and go about my life but this time it was a pull so hard that there was no ignoring it.

In 25 days life as I know it will be a completely different thing. When I try to focus on this it tightens my chest and makes it a little hard to breathe. The past 17 years have been a blur of monotonous day in day out work and fast moving weekends. Even though I know this is the right move for me at this time it’s one of the scariest steps I have ever taken. I can’t wait.

My job is one that anyone would love. Too bad it’s in the wrong state. I will definitely miss the people I see on a regular basis and yes the regular income is a bit of a concern as well. However, I just know it’s going to be better.

Doubts? I’ve had a few but, there’s this place inside where I can just feel that it’s the right move. That place is calm and lit, I wish I could share this feeling with everyone. I guess we should always follow that little voice inside us all. Step out of our comfort zones and just rock it.

Have you done this? Felt this way? How many people out there have actually just laid it all down and said oh what the heck? I’m outta here? How did it go? When I tell someone my plan I expect to hear, are you crazy!? But for the most part, I get, wow, I wish I could do that. I’m always a little shocked when I hear that. I just want to say, you can. We all can. However I know how hard it can be. Uncertainty can bring you down, way down.  I’m very lucky to have so many loved ones cheering me on. Making it the right decision for us all.

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