A chill in the air

It’s 27 degrees and for the past 3 days I have been laid up with the flu? Cold? Sinus infection…. Let me just say I have not felt this bad in what? Forever? I was in and out of consciousness for a couple days with fever, chills, and sinus pain so bad my teeth ached. But this cold sunny morning…. I’m gonna hit the trail. Of course I feel a little better.. 😏 Original idea was to go to the gym for a class. But let’s face it they don’t deserve this germ… no one does.

I’m tired of laying around. Breathing may be a problem. It’s cold! My chest is all tight and have a little cough. So I took off and wheeze, then a little higher, dang I better not get sicker… guy passes me in sweats, jacket, gloves, hat.. me in shorts, tank, light jacket.. 😆 I get harassed all the time about this. So I took the trail that goes straight up. It was hard, at first. Then I’m all in the stride.. listening to music and before you know it I’m at the top sweating like I’ve been running. Yeah, that was the plan and I feel amazing.

The guy from earlier in sweats and I connect on the path again, and he says aren’t your hands cold? No sir, in fact I’m sweating… heh. As I near the bottom here he comes again. He says have a good day and dismisses me like I know your done… well not today Mr! I took the trail straight back up, yes I did. Cuz I’m a bad ass… all sick and stuff. Dancing and walking all the way. Got that sweat on! The best thing about not having someone to lean on is not needing anyone to lean on. Just get stronger everyday.



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