La Vida

La vida gives me another year.

To celebrate I was taken to Santa Fe. I’ve been wanting to go, since it had been so long since I had seen it.

The plaza is almost as I remember it. The Native Americans sit against the wall and sell their handmade jewelry. I’ve always loved this. The shops around it are quaint and southwestern.

The rail yard is way cool! There’s a farmers market! Fresh veggies! Breads! Crafts. Kinda like the mothership calling me home. Not to mention there was an REI right next to it.

This place!! Mexican food! Who’s doesn’t like mexican food? That address pulled me in, that and a local lady I was talking to. She said I’ve been eating here for years. In we go. Omg, the burritos and sopapillas. Check out that address. 😊

Speaking of the women of northern NM. Ok, so we kinda were. They are so stylish in their own way. Baggy linen pants or skirts . T-shirt, cute unraveled sweater. Some wear their little hats. It’s not a style that can be copied. But it’s in the way they carry themselves. Confident and aware. You see the tourists try to imitate but these ladies with their understated elegance don’t have that harried try too hard way about them. These ladies are calm and have a knowing… they look you in the eye, smile and just know.

The Museum of Contemporary Native arts was pretty amazing.

Meow Wolf… ok, this place is awesome. It’s interactive art at its best. We spent about 3 hours there. It’s hard to explain but, if you’re ever in the area, you really need to check this place out.

Love yourself cafe, the perfect ending to an amazing long weekend. They start you with a gift. It has cucumber, apple,celery, silica and goodness. Everything is vegetarian can be made vegan and organic. My kind of hippy place!! What? You know I had to try the waffle. My favorite thing! πŸ˜† My compadre had the skillet. That first pic is their ceiling.

I’m sure I missed quite a bit. But Santa Fe is still a beautiful place..

Much Peace and Love…


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