Yes, romance

Is it still around?

Ok, so I’ve been reading or rereading some old books and watching movies that I guess I shouldn’t be.

Letters written of feelings and men pledging themselves…… Swoon….

Where is my Mr Darcy?

Obviously fantasy.

what do people do now? Emails and texts?

Hmm not exactly the same.

Instant gratification and played out within a few months.

Especially when it’s just a game to most.

Well, no matter. You know my take on unicorns. I’m a believer of magic.

The heart does more than pump blood.

It soars… it makes one bulletproof, breathless, and care free.

Wait, that could be tequila… Noooo…., that’s a story for another day… blush

I left myself speechless just now πŸ˜†



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