The Guadalupe Peak

The Guadalupe Peak is the highest point in Texas and not too far from where I live now.

It’s been on my mind that I need to hike that baby before I can’t anymore. Lol

So yeah, I took it on.

The night before there was a talk at the amphitheater in the campgrounds. I thought it’s probably going to be kinda cheesy but I wanted to see what it would be about. A sweet ranger named Destiny taught us about the wild animals in the area and what to do if one was sighted. She also shared stories of her encounters with bears. She was so fun and interesting. Glad to have gone and it wasn’t cheesy. She had some pelts of the animals she was talking about. Sorry the bear one is so blurry.


Mountain lion

Bobcat, which was the softest of all.

Coyote, of which we heard a pack yipping in the distance.

My home for the night, I broke one of the rods to the tent as I was setting up. Luckily I keep duct tape around so I put a stick next to the rod and taped it up. Worked great.

So we broke down camp early in the morning and off we go!

A gallon of water per person is recommended? All I could think was dang, that’s gonna be heavy! I drank every drop, I’ll have you know.

The start of the hike is Chihuahuan desert, and the first mile and a half are pretty tough. It’s the steepest part of the hike with lots of rock.

Once you get to the other side of the mountain there’s shade and a beautiful green forest.

It seemed as though every switchback brought another amazing view.

This little guy was ready to put up a fight. Those rattles were pretty loud.

Less than a mile from the peak my left leg (thigh) decided to cramp up. It was a hot day and yes, I thought I was drinking enough water. The water I took even had electrolytes. So there I was on a mountain, alone, hopping around making weird pain sounds. I’m sure I scared any kind of wildlife that may have been around, and if a person would had seen this, they probably would have thought I was doing some kind of weird dance and chant. πŸ˜†The only thing I could think of was, omg now what? I can’t just quit. I mean once your there there’s no stopping, and I wasn’t about to go back down the mountain either. I was too close. I kept trying to take a step and the muscle kept on cramping for what seemed like forever. Finally it started to let up a bit and I just took small steps and leaned on my trekking poles until I could get into a rhythm again. I felt so alone for a second, like so deeply alone. It’s funny what goes through your mind up there.

Then finally…

Those clouds!

And the view from the top

The only problem now was getting down πŸ˜†.

It was just as rough and once I hit the last mile or so was thinking will this ever end? Lol

If there’s ever a next time I think I would pack my tent and stay at the campsite a mile from the peak and hike back in the morning.

It’s a beautiful place and if you ever decide to hike it, take plenty of water.



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