Long time?

Feels like it anyway.
A little update…
Things are finally moving…. sort of…
I got a foundation, and a house on the property..
They just have to finish getting it together! 😫
Oh well, everything in it’s time… right?
Staying busy working on the yard and hanging with the most amazing people.
Those that care are always there… πŸ™‚ without agenda.

The rest are kicking rocks! 😁

I also spent the better part of a day getting this little beauty together.. ok I had some crazy fun doing this.

I’m So going to plant some flowers in there come spring..

She was not impressed… lol

So yeah, I have a few kids hanging around and I figure they need their own shed so they can stay outta mine.

πŸ€” did I tell you about the New Years dance? No, no I didn’t….

It was kickin! lol

Old friends, a couple new ones and you know same ol stuff after πŸ™‚

It’s what we don’t write isn’t it? Ha!


Some of the lyrics:

Well I’m takin’ my time, I’m just movin’ on
You’ll forget about me after I’ve been gone
And I take what I find, I don’t want no more
It’s just outside of why our front door, yeah, yeah, yeah
It’s been such a long time. it’s been such a long time
It’s been such a long time, I think I should be goin’, yeah
And time doesn’t wait for me, it keeps on rollin’
There’s a long road, I’ve gotta stay in time with, yeah
I’ve got to keep on chasin’ that dream, though I may never find it
I’m always just behind it
Be loved, be well

Raq βœŒοΈπŸ’•

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