It’s a curse I tell you!

These are words out of my dear brothers mouth.

He’s a retired, widower. Who seems to have a way with the ladies. He’s quite the character.

He gets going about 5am every morning. He has to go check the wildlife! This is what he calls the ladies he sees on his morning walks at “The Walmart” or Lowe’s. πŸ˜‚ yeah he’s incorrigible. He dresses nice too, “gotta give em something to look at, you know?” Then he wonders why he’s cursed. Lol. My father and other brother had the same curse. πŸ€” Must run in the family.

Gifts! He’s so happy to buy me gifts too. Just today I walked in after a nice day of working at the property and he says all proud of himself, I bought you your Christmas present! I was thinking uh oh, ok . He says look under my coat, which is hanging on a hook by the door. Yeah just what I thought a nice pecan picker πŸ˜‚. I said only one? He looks at me with his head tilted sideways and says huh? I say I need two so you can get out there and help me.. he’s all no way! I’m retired, I’m not going out there, it’s cold! πŸ˜‚. He’s a brat. Such a brat.

Now this move of mine could not have happened this soon if it wasn’t for him. His home is my home. Just like mine will be his. Actually we kid all the time about who will end up taking care of who. We all know I’m gonna end up taking care of him. I mean he’s twelve years older than me and it’s inevitable. Unless there’s a car out there that has a bumper with my name on it lol. (Dark humor, cmon) . We are the only two left in our family so we know loss. Laugh or cry, you know…

It’s funny how it’s been so easy. Yeah we grew up together sort of. He was one of my hero’s growing up and it seems he just continues on. He’s kind, generous, and genuine.

I’m so very lucky to have him in my life and I can only hope I’m just like him when I grow up πŸ˜‚.

Much love

Raq πŸ’•

4 thoughts on “Cursed?

  1. Tebogo Precious Moholwa says:

    Oh this was beautiful. It’s so amazing to see siblings getting along this much. Your relationship sounds so amazing. He also sounds like one of a kind.
    Loved reading this so much ☺
    Wish I had a brother😁

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