The Hippie eats

Well I gotta eat!

Out in another little NM city. I googled veggie places to eat. This came up nice and close, so here I go.

I was there a few minutes after they opened and ok, I was first. I love this because I can check it all out. 🙂

There were a few people putting up Christmas decorations and carols are playing. Nice.

I was seated by a nice young man and given menus.

Pacific Rim is a beautiful place. My favorite color is everywhere. Really like the hanging parasols.

The owner came over and asked if I had been here before which of course I hadn’t, so we went over the veggie eats and how lovely the place is. I like this personal touch.

A so, very young waitress came over and took the drink order.

Tea, hot tea. Ummm there’s no emoji for omg so yummy. This is Japan Genmaicha Yamasaki. The owners favorite tea from Japan 💕.

Then ordered stir fry, you get to choose the veggies you want as well as the sauce and kind of rice. I just had the steamed rice. Rice is life! Lol

The miso soup is good and I love my miso. To be honest though I like more seaweed and tofu in it. No matter on this cold windy day it was delish.

The stir fry was really good too.

I can’t wait til I can find my beat up woks and make my own again.

This place is really pretty and the customer service is great. The food is just as amazing. I’ll be back whenever I’m in town 🙂

They finished the tree in the time I had my meal too.

Sorry for the glare.

Raq ✌️💕

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