A Time to Take Time

On the way home from out of town today I witnessed an accident. This vehicle in front of me first went to the right then cut to the left hit the side rail flipped caught some air and landed on its side and slid a bit.

My mind reeled and all I could think was God, please let them be alive. It was such a violent hit. I dialed 911 as I ran towards the vehicle and smoke plumed out the back.

We went over the are you ok and is anyone else in the car. He was alone and he actually pulled himself out of the vehicle. Other people started to arrive and we made him sit on the guard rail, in case he was actually hurt. Im sure tomorrow he’s gonna feel it. He did say he owns a business and has been working too many hours. Maybe fell asleep for just a second. These are words he told me with tears in his eyes. So yeah, I just hugged him. Poor thing. This is his wake up call. He said he’s going to take some time off.

I think every first response person in the area showed up and he said man, look they’re blocking the whole highway.. I just laughed and said dude, your car is blocking the whole highway. He just kind of smiled. That made me worry. It was cold and windy. Someone gave him a jacket but, I was worried about shock. He also said he was glad no one else was hurt.

One of the response team thanked me for stopping and checking on him.. which I found odd. He said not many people would anymore. I find that hard to believe.

The ambulance arrived and I went to my vehicle to wait, since I was told I needed to give my info.

I felt like I didn’t want to leave his side. I didn’t want him overwhelmed by the police and emt’s.. My heart just went out to him.

I hope he does as he says. Takes time to rest and be grateful he’s ok. I don’t know him but I am.

No amount of money is worth losing your life like this.

The fragility of life.

Please take some time to rest, hug a loved one, and be grateful for this very moment.

So much love to you reading this. πŸ’•


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