Can’t stop the feels

So the house is nearly empty.

No comfy chairs to sit in. Sleeping on a way too small inflatable bed. Who makes these things?

The waiting game is again under way. A few more days and back to creating a new life. In the meantime, this a little bit like torture. Camping without really camping. That however, gives me the idea that maybe I’ll just tackle these last days as a camping trip.

Originally I came on here because P¡nk woke me wailing do you picture a better life? Why yes, señorita, I do as a matter of fact. 😆. One with a nice comfy bed. My old bed will do just fine. There is no tv, or radio around either so yeah, she’s just in my head.

I don’t think she’s asking about my comfort zone as far as furniture is concerned though. I get that she’s being more invasive.

I do picture a better life. With different players in the game and all! Too bad the players don’t want to be in the game.

The feelings are what they are. No one cares but the feeler. Just like she says, can’t shake the feeling . So life continues.

Do you picture a better life?

Does P¡nk wake herself up with these invasive questions?

I guess I’ll never know.

Much love 💕


2 thoughts on “Can’t stop the feels

  1. righteousbruin9 says:

    I see a better life for myself, built on the foundation of this one. I have 2.7 more years to work, at a job I love. The better life will be getting involved more with Intentional Communities and traveling, connecting with my brothers and sisters across the world.

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