So this time we got to stop in Indio CA.

I knew going in we had a small chance their shakes would be dairy free. Yeah, so no shake but a box of dates is good. I can make my own shake.

Dates have a romantic life!? Seriously?

Their little cafe is cute and the waiter was cool. I told him my dogs were in the car and so I was going to order a meal to go. He said bring them and eat on the patio. The car was on and they were in the cool air conditioning. So no worries. I brought them to the patio and we ordered. They brought my girls a bowl of ice water even. 💕 Portobello Burgers and seasoned fries. In case you are wondering. They had lots of veggies in the burgers as well as roasted green chili NM style. They were delish.

As we finished up the waiter said we could take a walk through the garden for free if we wanted to and we could take the girls. Hey, he said free. Ok, cool. Not cool, it was over 100 out there.

So, I just thought a garden stroll ok, I didn’t really know what to expect other than pretty landscaping. Well, it was very beautiful. By the way we carried the pups it was really hot and didn’t want their paws to burn 🙂

The journey of Jesus life. It’s a beautiful place.

So much love 💕


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