Ahhh La Vida

Days are going kinda fast, so have to get out and enjoy this trail behind our house as much as possible before the move. Going to try and savor each and every moment out there.

Yeah I forgot my helmet again, luckily my husband noticed before we got too far. So I went back for it. Too funny! I was trying to remember everything while getting ready but oh well.

A doe and her two fawns welcomed us right off the bat today.

It was only like 60 degrees so it was a perfect morning.

Yesterday’s ride was just as pretty.

Just as I hit this bridge, I started hearing a clicking noise. Now you know my luck lately. I don’t need any more trips to the ER. So I stopped to check what the heck was going on. My tire was loose! The lugnut or whatever it’s called, had loosened up! That could have been ugly. Could it have been an inside job? Lol Just kidding… I think 🤔

The next few days will be pretty rough, what with working out and meeting friends to say goodbye, and boxing stuff in between. Goodwill will be pretty happy as well. I know this sounds like no biggie, but time seems to fly. So much to do…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m mega grateful for everything I have and just being able to do this. It’s way cool not to have a scheduled day. I could get used to it. Lol. I also have some amazing people cheering me on. My loves.

Stay healthy and upright, I’ll try to too, Ha!!

Much love 💕

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