Art in tarot?

Yes, there is art in tarot.

I always love to see different kinds of art in the fantasy realm of things. I found this beautiful tarot deck called shadowscapes. The artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, spent quite awhile creating the artwork for this deck, and all I can say is that it is beautiful and of course otherworldly.

I know very little about tarot and its readings however I do know about it having all the signs of the zodiac within. I am a Scorpio. So, being that it’s a water sign I know that cups is kind of related to the water sign.

This deck of cards has the most beautiful illustrations for the water sign and it’s definitions for the cards are just as beautiful. So, for today, I will show you the page of cups which I just felt really drawn to, don’t know why… OK, you’ll know why when you read the description. lol

“She delves down through the waves seeking to be alone and find a peaceful place to contemplate her own thoughts. She brings a cup with her, it brims with the captured essence of sunlight from the world so high above her own. She lifts the cup underneath her face, feels that remembered warmth of the suns kiss upon the wave tops.

The page of cups is sentimental. She is a true romantic at heart, and in a world that is filled with so much noise and bustle, she longs for the time and space to simply breathe and to truly take in the pleasures that abound. She listens to the still voice from deep inside that speaks with understanding and intuition, and she longs to believe in the impossible.”

Now this is not exactly the way it’s written, the description I mean. Just some of the highlights. But if you’d like to know the entire description I guess you will have to buy the deck or the book itself. You will be able to find it online and I will leave the link however, I just found the whole deck beautiful the lovers card and the two of cups are amazing as are all of the rest.

The two of cups is dreamy. A true soul connection in art. Not for me today though.

This artist has quite a bit of work to see, not just the tarot cards. So check her out if you like fantasy.

Have a wonderful day. No music for today I don’t think. Spending a few days alone and like the beautiful being above, enjoying the quiet.

Much love ❤️

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