Dragonflies and bikes

So I took my first bike ride after the big fall. Ha! It was amazing. The weather was beautiful and it just felt great. I felt a little scared at first. Wasn’t sure the wrist would be strong enough to manage the brake. There are other people on that trail and that worries me. They can be so wrapped up in what they are doing that they tend to not see someone coming. So yes there was pain. Not enough to make me turn back though. My self confidence came back after a few miles and it turned out to be a pretty darned good ride.

The one thing that stood out was the dragonflies. Blue ones and they kept coming around. I took this as a good sign. Now I’m not talking about just seeing one or two. I mean I kept seeing them through the whole ride. They would buzz by my head. It was pretty cool.

Then the Good Year air ship. It was just flying by.

I need to get a helmet camera. So much passes by before I can get my phone out. Plus, I would be there all day taking pictures if I could.

My trusty steed

I stopped midway and this time had a little snack even if it wasn’t a super long ride. Call me chicken. I’m good with that.

You know pride goeth before the fall. So true, in my case anyway. lol

Near the end of my ride there was a cute little deer that stopped mid step in front of me then hopped off. I love when they hop like that. Cute and graceful. My heart was full.

On the jump phase of my life. Papers are sent in. So now just waiting to make sure they are all in order. These are papers for early retirement from the company I work at. Not long now…



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