What’s Age got to do with it?

At what age is age important?

I say you’re too young, with a reply of … that doesn’t matter.

Yeah, I’m thinking it does.

I see older men younger women all the time. Sure that he must have money stigma is there but they could actually be in love right? Now the other way.. why is that different?

However, why are there so many men, young men out there asking older women out? What’s happened? Did I miss something? A friend is widowed (it’s been like 5 years, so don’t judge) and loving her new found freedom. She says the young guys want older women because they are confident and not looking for a sugar daddy. Ok but are the guys looking for a sugar momma? Lol.. ahh the other side of the story.

Now the amazing opening was in Spanish and you all know that my language is sexy.. with all due respect I find you so beautiful. Really? I’ve known you about a year.. didn’t see that coming, then the offer was a star filled night talking about things we don’t understand. Damn it… do you know me? Lol

Then the actual problem.. yeah, I’ll not get into all that.

Nothing a little month nap and some outdoorsy stuff can’t fix. Let’s steal away and watch a sunset.


Come and see.. wait, you’re here 😉