It’s so funny

It’s funny how when you’re in the midst of loss or just feeling sad how you don’t understand that life just goes on…

But once on the other side it’s like an aha moment. It’s so nice that life goes on. The weight is lighter and new replaces the old.

Hopefully the lesson is learned and on we go. So many little sayings like live and learn, and some people come into your life to stay or to teach you a lesson.

We are constantly learning … life is short and every moment a precious gift. Sadly it can’t always go how you would like but maybe that too is a gift.

We all need someone to love and to hold
We all need shelter to keep us from the cold
We all need laughter when life gets hard
We all need someone to love us for who we are
We all need someone to love and to hold

Ain’t that the truth..



Room in his arms?

Somewhere, he sings to me.

You see, if you sing to her, no matter your voice. It’s the vulnerability and truth you convey.

There’s so little of either in this world

Such goodness

Ahh Mr Bridges you know the words 🎶

She says nobody wants her,
But left along
She said nobody needs her
Girl, you are
Well, if you see her
Tell her there is room for her
In my arms, in my arms
You don’t have to go, you should know
(I know, I know)
I’ll be there for you, when you’re alone
(I do, I do)
To comfort you
Oh, baby please come where it’s warm
In my arms, in my arms

Ain’t that some stuff! 😉



I think I lost it

But then again did I ever have it?

Your excuses not needed..

Ok so a few of the lyrics, as usual.

Everything’s paid for nothing free
If I give my heart
Will you promise not to break it
I think I lost it
Let me know if you come across it
Let me know if I let it fall
Along a back road somewhere

I just wanna live the life I please
I don’t want no enemies
I don’t want nothing if I have to fake it
Never take nothing don’t belong to me

Listen to it it’s kinda bad ass..

Moving on….



Today it’s official

I’ve no job!

Retired! The future is wide open!

Smell that? it’s called freedom… lol

No more Brules for this one!

A new chapter begins, so much to do and see. New people to meet and connections to make. So much is changing… including myself. Like a tree, I will be dropping dead leaves and only keep the vibrant green along for the ride, or maybe growth. I suppose trees don’t take rides. Whatever, you get my gist. Lol!

Ahh La Vida!

Much Love ❤️

What’s your butterfly?

We all chase our butterflies, 🦋 be it love, money, freedom.

Different times of our lives leave us chasing different ones too.

Right now this butterfly 🦋 of freedom is work! However, I think one of my other butterflies might have actually let me go! Pinche butterfly. Lol!!

Glad there are so many other butterflies to draw in. Just have to get some flowers I suppose.

What’s your butterfly?

I was inspired to write this while working out and this song came on.

Always the music isn’t it?

I painted your room at midnight

So I’d know yesterday was over

I put all your books on the top shelf

Even the one with the four leaf clover

Man I’m getting older

I took all your pictures off the wall

And I wrapped them in a newspaper blanket

And I haven’t slept in what seems like a century

And now I can barely breathe

Just like the crow chasing the butterfly

Dandelions lost in the summer sky

Cause when you and I were gettin’ high as outer space

I never thought you would slip away

I guess I was just a little too late

I was just a little too late

I was just a little too, little too late