Food is free

Sometime in the future I would love to be able to join the Food is free movement.

Working to clear this little piece of land has already given so much.

There were some guys working on gas lines in the street and I needed a couple of pipes that were sticking straight out of the ground removed. I asked them if there was any way they could remove the risers. They said they weren’t supposed to without a work order, but if they could have some pomegranates they would be happy to. I told them that they were more than welcome to them all. The birds and bees were the only ones enjoying them. Ok and me. So the next morning I get out there, risers are gone and the bushes are picked clean. πŸ˜† Nice! They missed a few in the middle, but that’s ok. Those are mine.

They may not be too pretty to look at but oh em gee they are sweet.

I have an amazing pecan tree and yes they are pretty darn good as well. I need to stop munching on these.

Dandelion greens on one corner of the property as well.

Maybe not enough to live off yet but excited about the possibilities.

Much love


The truth about Love?

The truth about love comes at 3am
You wake up fucked up and you grab a pen
And you say to yourself
I’m gonna figure it out, I’m gonna crack that code
Gonna break it break it down
I’m tired of all these questions
And, now it’s just annoying
‘Cause, no one has the answer
So I guess it’s up to me to find the truth about love is it comes and it goes.

I think it just may be perfect
The only person of my dreams
I never ever ever ever been this happy
But now something has changed
And the truth about love is it’s all a lie
I thought you were the one, and I hate goodbyes


Tatted, and then some

Brace yourself this is a long one…

Too many years away from family for birthdays and holidays.

This has been an amazing month.

I’ve met up with some old school friends and they have been so sweet. Great for my ego even. So complementary… my head goes side to side just thinking about it lol.

New friends love them already. I’m just going to add them to family and hope they’re around for years to come.

There was a tattoo convention in our little town. Artists from all over came and shared their talents on so many willing canvases. Mine included.

I’m always looking for new tattoo ideas. I had been wanting some cherry blossoms to accompany my dragonfly, and because of their meaning of life’s fragility

I walked into the venue and checked out some of their portfolios. I was approached by the owner of a tattoo place from Arizona and after talking to her a bit I was in a young mans chair who was a such a sweetheart. He was just like family. I was his first customer of the day and we have the same birthday! 11/11 baby! Which I didn’t believe him about at first. I explained what I wanted, and he drew it out on my skin. I love when the artist does this. I find that he’s confident and let’s face it, it’s gonna be one of a kind. We talked about family, music, tattoos and he was funny, like I said before just like family. So much so, that my daughter walked in hung out a bit and was his second customer. You can check them out on Instagram @ Frontiertattoocompany. You will see his handsomeness there πŸ™‚

Other family members were in chairs all around the venue so we just hung out and enjoyed watching the artists, then later the competitions. I kept walking around and another artist caught my attention. I liked his unique style. He had a pretty lady in his chair and they were kind enough to let me see what he was creating. Ok, it was a complete sleeve and it was two owls. I was blown away how beautiful it was. So, he asked if I wanted a tattoo, uh hello of course I do even if I just got one πŸ˜†. But I really thought he’s never gonna be finished with what he’s doing so I just moved on. We were there all day. I loved it too.

The next day we all left to a little ski town that was having it’s Christmas jubilee. Yes already. Very cool. Literally too, lol. I’m so not used to the cold anymore. Layers people, layers. Lots of crafts, a cute train and Santa of course.

Their downtown shops are the coolest. Lots of unique furniture, jewelry and clothing.

This lil guy must have been out shopping too. πŸ™‚

Later in the evening we hit a casino where the bartender learned to make orgasm shots in a glass large enough to be a drink. Ok, more like 3 shots in one. Who needs Vegas? I was with 4 other ladies and we all know, even sober I’m not shy. So after a few hit and misses I decided to fix these girls up. Hello pretty boy, see these beautiful young ladies? They are single and would like to dance. He was agreeable on the beautiful part, but he told them he loved me πŸ˜†. He then bet me he knew my scent… huh? Is this the new pick up line? Ok… so go…. he leans in, smells me! (Neck) And says Chanel.. well now… he was wrong.. try Sinner, by Kat Von D. I love her… so he lost. Ha! Drinks on him! Time to go, this is getting too close, let go of my arm, please. Plus, I like my men grown. Not looking for love in all the wrong places.. At least not tonight!

So on to a a little country bar that one of the girls had heard of. Walked in, one table left and they were having a guest singer? Justin Kemp Band? Ok cool, I’m in for some country. Two steppin! Our table right next to the stage.. nice! Standing room only now. They were actually really good. So fun.

Ok so right next to us was the cutest couple I have ever seen. They danced every single song. They were in maybe their 70’s. He would put one hand around her neck other around her body hold her close and scoot around the floor like a pro. πŸ’• I love them!This is the dream couple. He didn’t even sit down in between songs sometimes. Took a drink and turned right back around motioned his lady and off they go. Oh my gosh, these are relationship goals. On the way back to the table he would kiss her forehead…. swoon. I’m telling you this couple is the couple.

What? I’m lucky to get a text… πŸ˜†


Yeah the born on day.. so much love. I’m with family now. They had a sweet get together. Menudo and cake and lots of relatives. Friends from all over sending love. Those that care are always there.. right? I was made my own pot of posole just fyi. No meat, and that’s a big step for them. So it meant even more to me. We hung out a few hours and then the tattoo competition was on again. They had them daily. Some of the relatives were entered so they had to show up… you know I had to go. 😏

I walked in and my guy had balloons and cake! He was telling the truth! We share born on days! Cool.. my fellow scorpion. Hugs baby! He was booked solid and a happy camper.

Walked around a bit again the niece says let’s just get another… um ok.. twist my arm why don’t you..ow. See, her birthday is the day after mine. We always used to celebrate together now we tattoo together? Ok so the owl guy. Come to find out the pretty girl in the chair is his girlfriend! He can tattoo us! We settled on a watercolor hummingbird. There are so many reasons, mainly for me was that my uncle loved them and they remind me of him. Plus the watercolor the way that it’s done here reminds me of my daughter she will never color in the lines. She’s perfect that way. This artist is in Carrollton Texas. Check him out on Instagram @ Tommy.sturgis. You can see the owls I was talking about too.

So on the 12th I go to the gym nice and early and I’m all ready to sweat since it’s so flipping cold and it’s closed! Veterans Day being the reason. Oh well, does this mean the celebration continues? I’m gonna say yeah. It’s windy and cold and what’s that white stuff falling? Wait, huh? I could swear that’s a snow flurry… it is!! Yay! I haven’t seen snow in years! Nice! No yard work, no working out. I’m going to finish this blog post. Drink me some hot tea, and later make an amazing pasta with French bread. I’m even going to read a book! Ahh la vida es tan hermosa.

So much love to you, and if you had the patience to read all this. 😘


From my sweet and spicy tea πŸ™‚

A Time to Take Time

On the way home from out of town today I witnessed an accident. This vehicle in front of me first went to the right then cut to the left hit the side rail flipped caught some air and landed on its side and slid a bit.

My mind reeled and all I could think was God, please let them be alive. It was such a violent hit. I dialed 911 as I ran towards the vehicle and smoke plumed out the back.

We went over the are you ok and is anyone else in the car. He was alone and he actually pulled himself out of the vehicle. Other people started to arrive and we made him sit on the guard rail, in case he was actually hurt. Im sure tomorrow he’s gonna feel it. He did say he owns a business and has been working too many hours. Maybe fell asleep for just a second. These are words he told me with tears in his eyes. So yeah, I just hugged him. Poor thing. This is his wake up call. He said he’s going to take some time off.

I think every first response person in the area showed up and he said man, look they’re blocking the whole highway.. I just laughed and said dude, your car is blocking the whole highway. He just kind of smiled. That made me worry. It was cold and windy. Someone gave him a jacket but, I was worried about shock. He also said he was glad no one else was hurt.

One of the response team thanked me for stopping and checking on him.. which I found odd. He said not many people would anymore. I find that hard to believe.

The ambulance arrived and I went to my vehicle to wait, since I was told I needed to give my info.

I felt like I didn’t want to leave his side. I didn’t want him overwhelmed by the police and emt’s.. My heart just went out to him.

I hope he does as he says. Takes time to rest and be grateful he’s ok. I don’t know him but I am.

No amount of money is worth losing your life like this.

The fragility of life.

Please take some time to rest, hug a loved one, and be grateful for this very moment.

So much love to you reading this. πŸ’•


Spending time with Jack

So there’s a tool for everything.. I had never heard of this little doo hickey..

There’s these little trees with amazing root structures all over the property. They are so much fun! Ok, not but thanks to farm jack, They can be handled.

Ok so, I’m flexing my nonexistent muscle there.. Jack made me feel like a beast! πŸ˜†

I suppose you thought I had a new man in my life named Jack? Ha! That’s how rumors get started 🀫.

Hasta! βœŒοΈπŸ’•



There are many…

Like elation, and an awakening.

That led to a learning. Words are just that.

Then a breaking, still learning. Will I ever?

No, I doubt it

Mind, body, soul, and heart.

This is what I wait for.

Loving you was young, and wild, and free
Loving you was cool, and hot, and sweet
Loving you was sunshine, safe and sound
A steady place to let down my defenses
But loving you had consequences


A Songs Lyrics

So yeah I told you about how the remake of A Star Is Born is so good.

The music is just amazing. Yes, I’m still going on about it.

The lyrics to Music to my Eyes are crazy good.

It’s like when you find the one that speaks your language good.

Here’s a couple of the verses…

You’re music to my eyes
I had to listen just to find you
I like for you to let me sing along
Give you a rhythm you feel

Your voice is quite a view
I heard a song and then I saw you
I learned the lyrics and knew you were mine
Dance the horizon with you

Tell me those aren’t some pretty words.

Here’s the song.. Have a listen.

There are quite a few songs on this soundtrack worth listening too.

The movie is so heart wrenching though

Makes you miss that connection with that one special person if you don’t already have it.

Hope you enjoy this one.


Raq πŸ’•

Blogger Recognition Award

So I would like to thank The Dream Maker for this nomination. Shocked? Why yes I am, totally. Yet, very, very grateful.

Do yourself a favor and check out his blog it’s quite a read of uplifting life excerpts.



Definitely there are rules, one must abide to;

1. Thank the blogger who nominated youΒ and provide a link to his/her site.

2. write a post to show the award.

3. Compose a summary of how your blog started.

4. Give an advice to new bloggers

5. Nominate at least 15 bloggers for this award.

6. Inform each nominee and give a link to your post.


This blog started because I wanted to inspire women of my age to live their best life. That age is just a number and love is everything. Plus sometimes I just need to get a few things out of my head.

To new bloggers I would advise to just do it. Write what makes your heart sing. Who cares what others think. There are many like you and we want to know what you want to write.

Ok 15 bloggers for me is quite a stretch, there are so many wonderful bloggers. Here are some that deserve some recognition for their pearls of love and wisdom. In no particular order.

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Updating to add, if this is not your kind of thing, I totally understand. You are still amazing and wonderful. πŸ˜‰