What happens in Vegas…


Two women just decided to book a flight and go. Hang it all. Let’s go.

I’m laying here in a bed while she is in her bed, saying how amazing it feels to have just taken off and done something for herself.

Everyone needs to do this once in awhile.

Here’s a few of the highlights…

My first hippie place to eat was the airport! Veggie soup soo yummy came with a roll. Mm mm good Lol I’m sure my one wants to know this.

The taxi driver from the airport to the hotel on the strip set the pace. He was funny and told us to be careful but not too careful. If we really wanted to let it all hang it out to hit Fremont st and go topless. Um ok…. no. He said he had been married for 39 years. If you know me you already know I had to ask him about it. He said he loves her today as much as the first day. He also said he’s a little afraid of her 😂.

Dancing with a few cross dressers, these ladies rock with no inhibitions and make the most out of life. We can all take a few pointers from these lovelies. Hands in the air and dancing like no one was watching 💕.

Guilly’s! Looking for your real cowboy? Not here 😂. It’s Vegas, hello.. real cowboys come from New Mexico. However, thanks cowboy wanna be. Your hitting on me was fun until I figured out that was your wife sitting there. She was all over my new friend too! That couple is enjoying life their way. But, stay in your lane please. lol… Just so you know this bar is happening. It’s the place to go! Dance, drink, laugh, and go crazy. Yeah they even have a mechanical bull. No, I didn’t ride it. Even if I had a section of crazy people urging me on. I even met a couple of guys from NM. Cute and funny. 🤫 This was my favorite time of the trip.

There is a place called Fat Tuesday. Jell-O shots are a dollar and the drinks flow like a river. My head wants to ache just thinking about it. They are strategically placed all over. Water is nine dollars a bottle, refills at Fat Tuesday’s are ten… what would you do?

One particular day after drinking few drinks and having a few of those Jell-O shots we actually got lost in Ceasars. For a few hours!! Remember to eat people! It helps when you need to break out of a casino. 😂

No car needed here! The monorail is cool, a great way to get around, but the deuce is the best. Can’t beat the price and runs on both sides of the strip. All the way to the Fremont experience and back. Even with the rides we managed to walk 10 -12 miles a day.

Speaking of the Fremont Experience it truly is. Loved it. Crazy and so fun. My traveling companion was so scared to go there. She was just sure it was a bad place to go. It is soo bad… so, so, bad 🤫. No inhibitions here! Nothing like that lovely skunky smoke smell in the morning, and clothes are optional. Freedom baby! ✌️My scared co traveler actually found her place in Vegas too. She found that most places we went there was a chippendale or Thunder guy with beads waiting to be touched. A new side of her.

The Mob Museum is there too. Interesting, and there’s a speakeasy! It’s in the basement. You can even access it through the side road just knock and say Sid sent sent you. 😆 I was so lucky to have been told about this by a special friend. He even took the time to call and get the info for us. Otherwise we may have missed it. Does this fall under I know a guy? 🤔

Did I tell you about Thunder Down Under!? I’m not into these shows normally. This one was pretty tasteful not entirely nude and the dancing was good. They had Tarzan! Who doesn’t like Tarzan?

The Tournament of Kings was a really fun interactive show as well. You are fed and no utensils. They even had some pasta for this veg eater. 💕 ok I was given a fork. We were lucky to sit next to a lovely bunch of ladies in waiting. They all dressed the part in their pointy hats and flowing gowns. Shots, all around before the show! HaZa! Ok I rarely meet a stranger. We rocked the Spain side of the theatre even if our king didn’t.

Do you remember Circus Circus? It’s an older hotel and I used to love it. I hadn’t been there in many a year. Well you know how all the new machines no longer use real coin? This place does! I was walking around when I heard the clang, clang, clang of real dollar coins! My heartbeat quickened and I could not believe my eyes! Heck yes, I dropped a twenty! Just for old times sake.

The last day as we were leaving our room to find breakfast three men were doing the same. Each with a can in the hand. They were talking about someone trying to get in their room. I told them it wasn’t me this time.. I did that yesterday 😂. What? They all look alike! Of course had I looked at the number it may have helped. They were amused and followed us to the elevator where we were sure to fill them in on places to find $1 shots. Useful information! We spent the day drinking of course and seeing the casinos we hadn’t seen. Now on the way back to the room guess who? My friends from the morning with their lovely wives. “Look honey! It’s my friend from this morning!” Fist bump 👊. They were cool. Just a little more than slightly inebriated too.

The Uber ride to the airport was a somber one. Reality looming on the horizon. Then the driver brought up my name and the Raquel Welch. Cuz, I’ve never heard that one. 🙃

This was a great trip. Lots of crazy but fun memories. I know it’s a long post sorry. I tried to keep it short and yeah there’s a few things no one need be told.

It’s Vegas baby!

Much love 💕


Can you just imagine

An old friend who comes back into your life at just the right time.

The universe has this down!

We picked up where we left off and maybe even better.

Who doesn’t like easy, funny and sometimes deep conversations into the late night. It’s a beautiful thing when someone wants nothing but your company.

I was sent this beautiful song.

Perfect for friendships of the present and those to come.


I hope you all have such a gift.

Much love 💕



I vaguely remember watching Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in A Star is Born, many years ago.

This new version with Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper is really, really good.

In fact so good it makes me ache with a sadness deep in my heart and soul. That one, I try to keep at bay.

I keep telling myself to keep it together, yet even I, the one who can smile and laugh through almost anything, can’t. Once the lid is off the box, it’s hard to get it back in its place


Music is a large part of my life. The one companion that has never let me down or abandoned me.

This movie has quite a few songs that I’m sure I will play again and again.


The heart is a picky lover. It doesn’t even care if it’s love is reciprocated. Silly fool.


Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more
Is there somethin’ else you’re searchin’ for?

These are lyrics from the song Shallow.

Does anyone ever ask you if you’re happy? Are you?

The last song here is the song…❤️

You should see this movie. The music alone is amazing. Even if you have all these mushy feelings.

Much love 💕


Just Breathless


Cause I never heard a song sung quite like Elvis
Not much beats the sound of the pouring rain
And there’s something in your kiss
Leaves me so helpless
And I can’t help but see you again
I can never see the sunrise too many times
Fall asleep with you under the northern lights
And there’s something in your touch
Leaves me so helpless
You leave me breathless
You leave me breathless

Lost in the phases

So I’m not sure what phase of the move this is anymore. Tired, yeah the dang, I’m tired phase it is.

We spent time in Ca getting that place ready to sell. We had actually left more than we thought there. Plus some equipment had to be packed in a truck.

Well, it wasn’t easy but we met so many amazing people.

The driver of this truck was same as last and he was so happy to see us. We even hugged like we had known each other forever. Met a new neighbor who even though we only spoke a few times, will miss getting to hang out with him. My realtor who got my place sold. She’s a rockstar and also a hugger.

Once back in NM I needed some equipment to remove other equipment from the moving truck and luckily found someone with a forklift that could and did help out. My amazing brother handled that forklift like a pro. Til they hit some soft dirt. 😆 No worries tho they got it unstuck and finished up pretty quick.

My new neighbor has a tractor and came over to visit and pulled out a couple mesquite bushes that were in the way. Now these guys didn’t have to help but were all so happy to. Makes my heart swell just being around them.

I hear so many negative stories that all I could think was how wonderful all these people are and how lucky I am to have them cross my path, or I cross theirs.

It seems like everything is just falling into place. I’m incredibly lucky and grateful.

Much love 💕


Enchanted again

New Mexico is called the land of enchantment. It’s had me enchanted all my life.

Most people see this and think this is all there is in NM.

Yes, it is a desert.

But we also have this,

In a few weeks there will be snow and skiing. I spent quite a bit of time up here as a youngin. It’s the Lincoln National forest.

There are lots of small towns and villages through the mountains but to ski it’s Cloudcroft.

No Cell reception either 🙂.

Much love 💕


Loving hands

My hardest goodbye leaving CA.

My aunt is the last of her sisters. She regales to me of the old days and I love listening. I’ve been recording most of our visits since I knew I would be leaving soon and I’ve gotten some amazing stories.

These hands have made many a tortilla, and meal. They were always more than a meal though.

I wish you could have seen us all together laughing, sharing, being laughed at. If you talk to any of them and they tell you something about me. Lies all lies.😆

She is the heart of her family and I’ve been lucky to have been included.

I can only hope going home that I can be half the heart of my home that she has been to hers.

This is love like none other.

My heart is heavy leaving her, but I know it’s time.

Hasta luego,