Who was that!?

Thanksgiving was amazing.

Spending time with friends and relatives I had not been with in years.

We rented the Knights of Columbus building and it was nice and roomy for what we had planned.

Everyone brought their designated dishes and more.

Tables of food went along the wall and on the other side deserts of all kinds.

Later in the evening it was just close family, ok still quite a few of us. Talking about the day and eats. Then someone brings up the 2 guys that walked in a couple of hours in then another 3. Who were they? Did you invite them? Nope not me. No one knew them 😆 I love that. They were nice had their meal and left. They did say hello but if you’re Latino, no prob. Mi casa es tu casa.

This made my heart swell, my family is all love. We were all glad they came in and made themselves at home we actually wished more had come. There was still so much we had to put up.

Blessed, so very blessed.


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